Monday, October 11, 2010

A Lesson on Multitasking

You remember Pamela? Of the fur coats? You can read all about her here if you don’t.

Well yesterday, 10-10-10, she went and got married. In Organ. Cause she didn’t want Cordelia at the ceremony. Can you imagine that? Well I can. I told Cordelia that if she Continues to talk loudly through every wedding she attends people are going to quit inviting us. And you know what her response to that was?
“But I’ve never been to a wedding. You never let me go.”
Geeze, for a girl with no head, Cordelia’s really got a loud mouth.

Anywho, Pamela wanted me to make her something to wear to her wedding and I said yes. She had already purchased a skirt and blouse for the event so I was challenged with the task to make a matching jacket in two weeks. After searching every fabric store in a 100 mile radius give or take 99.9 miles I declared there was no fabric to be found that would look good with her current getup.

So what was a girl to do?

 I went to Dillards, bought a jacket, ripped out the tag, slapped in one of my own and told Pamela I made it special for her.

Just Kidding.
 But I did go to Dillards, and I did purchase the same skirt Pamela was planning on wearing—only in a XXXL.

See, here’s the skirt for proof.

Then it was a quick snip snip here, and a stitch stitch there and I threw in a little Silk Dupioni binding, and wala, a wedding coat for Pamela.


I also added a little bias detail around the sleeve hems. I wanted it to go all the way around the collar too, but sadly the fabric was a little on the heavy side and I worried it would affect the hang of the jacket too much.

But the best part of the jacket? I was able to enter it into the Burda remake challenge as well. Now talk about multitasking!

Happy making things out of other things
~Melisa & Cordelia

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